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This following document sets forth the Terms & Conditions of doing business with Jetpoint Pty Ltd.  When agreeing to a quote, purchase order or any other form of formal or informal agreement for work to be performed by Jetpoint, you are demonstrating your understanding of the following Terms & Conditions.

Important Notice To All Jetpoint Pty Ltd Customers

  1. Aircraft are taken into our custody and maintained with all care but no responsibility for loss or damage other than directly relating to the maintenance performed.

  2. All valuable items should be removed from the aircraft as we will not be responsible for items found to be missing after maintenance.

  3. Minor cosmetic damage is an inevitable consequence of many forms of maintenance. Whilst all care is taken to minimise such damage, we shall not be responsible for same.

  4. Maintenance may involve disturbing equipment that previously worked without fault. Sometimes such items may develop faults post-maintenance that do not relate directly to the work performed. Aircraft owners should be aware this is a risk common to mechanical and electrical items, and we shall not be responsible for the appearance and rectification of such defects.

  5. Maintenance may expose defects that would otherwise have remained hidden for an unknown period of time. We shall not be responsible for the rectification of hidden defects, whether exposed by us or by sub-contracted overhaul agencies.

  6. If the maintenance involves troubleshooting, the work shall proceed in a logical manner, usually starting with the cheapest/easiest options before progressing to more expensive options. Troubleshooting is normally guided by manufacturers' Maintenance Manuals, tech reps or overhaul shops. No responsibility is accepted if troubleshooting in a reasonable manner does not reveal the fault before significant expenditure has occurred, or if the fault is unable to be identified. You should set limits on expenditure if this may be of concern to you.

  7. Aircraft owners regularly express a strong desire to minimise maintenance costs. This can often be accommodated in circumstances where safety and regulatory requirements permit, however short term economising usually means simply deferring the cost to a later date. This may lead to increased costs in the long term, and expose the aircraft to criticism from other parties, particularly other engineering organisations or buyers of the aircraft. Owners should make clear at what standard they wish their aircraft to be maintained.

  8. On occasion, cost estimates are provided for work. If it becomes apparent an estimate was deficient, or circumstances change as work progresses, the work shall cease and you shall be advised of the cost estimate revision, and the reason why. We are not responsible for sub-contractors who do not honour their estimated price for whatever reason. Our cost estimates are not a 'fixed price quote' unless this is stipulated on the Jetpoint Pty Ltd Work Request & Cost Estimate form.

  9. Our normal hours of business are Monday thru Friday, 8.00am to 5.00pm. Work required outside of these hours will incur overtime rates.

  10. Entry to our premises is subject to the requirements of WH&S, CASA and other regulations. All visitors must report to the office. Smoking is strictly prohibited, and children are not allowed on the premises.

  11. Work undertaken away from our workshop may expose owners or operators to WHS issues. Care should be taken to ensure our personnel are not exposed to any undue risk or hazard. Personnel have been instructed to cease work if they become concerned about any possible hazard.

  12. We are not freight forwarders, however it is often more convenient for us to pack and ship items on your behalf. We take all care when packing items for shipping, but accept no responsibility for loss or damaged incurred. It is recommended that you arrange insurance for any items to be shipped. Alternatively, please advise if you wish Jetpoint Pty Ltd to arrange such insurance.

  13. We are not bankers, and do not offer credit - our terms are strictly 14 days. Finance charges of 12.5% pa will be applied to unpaid accounts after that time.

  14. All prices quoted are not inclusive of GST. Prices may be quoted in US$, and you should be aware of the distinction.

  15. Any dispute shall be subject to the laws of the state of Queensland.

  16. Jetpoint Pty Ltd, in providing and relying upon the general disclaimers listed above, acknowledges the operation of State and Federal legislation provisions. Should any individual disclaimer or disclaimers or part thereof be found to the contrary to such legislative provisions, the balance of such disclaimer or disclaimers shall continue in force and effect and be read subject to deletion of that part or parts which may be offensive to the legislation.

  17. Operators should be aware that we pay our staff according to the award and have strict obligations regarding overtime & double time as per the below:
    Work Mon-Fri in excess of 10 hr/day will incur overtime rates
    Work Mon-Fri in excess of 12 hr/day will incur double time rates
    Saturday will be at overtime rates
    Public holidays, night work or any Sunday will be at double rate.
    Travel time on Sundays is also double time.
    Travel using our vehicles has a kilometre rate attached.
    Fixed wing aircraft has an hourly labour rate attached.

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